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Our Pest Control Services In Shrewsbury

Plagued by a problem with rats in Shrewsbury?

Commonly associated with the black plague, rats aren’t only frightening to have around. They also carry diseases and can make living conditions intolerable. Since they carry the salmonella bacteria, they can be extremely damaging to our health. Although they are intelligent animals, the last thing you want is them in your home.

Rats can also put gas and water pipes at risk, and undermine the foundation of your building. For instance, rats can damage woodwork, plastic, lead pipes, bricks and also strip the insulation from your cables.

This rodent is a common pest that is found all over the world, but is particularly common in cities. The brown rat is one of the largest rats found in the UK, and can weight over half a kilo. If you’re having problems with rats in your home, they’re probably the culprit.

Rats can live in almost any situations that offers food, water and shelter.

If you need pest control services in Shrewsbury, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are always available to get rid of rats.

Our rodent control services include both emergency and contract work. Whether you work for a huge retailer or have problems in your private home, we can help.

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