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    Highly Efficient Rat Removal in Shrewsbury

    Rat Removal in Shropshire – If there’s one guest you don’t want at your Christmas dinner in Shropshire, it’s rodents… get in touch now 24/7 – 07787 422022. Highly Efficient, Shrewsbury based local pest prevention providers – Khitan are a local premier pest control provider. Rats are famous for having brought the Black Death to England thanks to carrying fleas which carried the virus. This plague is estimated to have killed between 75 to 200 million people- it’s no wonder rats still give us an unpleasant feeling! Nobody wants rats or mice in their home or commercial space, no matter the time of year. They are not only more frightening than mice but can cause similar problems, such as the contamination of food stuffs and damage to your property. Common signs of rats include droppings, body smear marks on surfaces, scratching noises, holes and nests, and footprints in less-used areas. When looking for a rat removal service in Shrewsbury, don’t forget to check out Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions, who specialise in the removal of pests in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re having a problem with rats, mice or birds or wildlife issues such as moles, badgers, foxes, rabbits etc, Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions will work hard to solve the problem as soon as possible, helping reduce the stress these pests cause when they arrive on your doorstep. Rat Removal experts – Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions Not only do we cover the whole of Shropshire but also the Midlands, Wales, Staffordshire and North West which includes all pest control issues including rodent treatments & removals, bird...

    Telford Pest Removal

      Telford Pest Removal  – Do you have a growing pest problem in Telford and need a professional, speedy, trusted pest removal service in or around Telford? 07787 422 022  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then Khitan is your solution for pest removal in Telford. Your  professional, local pest prevention provider. Pests can often get worse at this time of year when they’re looking to escape the cold and damp. Whether it’s insects or rodents, can not only be unpleasant to have around, but can lead to significant financial damage. Recent reports have revealed that pest damage contributes to a huge number of crops being spoiled, with the UK having £30 million worth of food waste. Changing weather can be a massive contributor to the number of pests. Thanks to the wet weather, rodents are going to multiplying all over the country, being flushed out of the sewers and other nesting places. Studies have shown the average home has more than a dozen potential entry points for rats. Make sure your premises in Telford are pest-proof this winter! Khitan – Telford Pest Removal In order to put off rodents, it’s important to protect your home, removing all sources of food and keeping doors and windows closed. Compost heaps should also be covered up and areas around bird feeders be covered up. Take care to keep your bin lids closed and don’t leave any left-overs around. If you’re concerned about rodents in your home or commercial space, why not discover more about our pest removal services in Telford? We are the professional choice for many homes &...