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Do You Need Seagull Control In Telford?

Suffering from a problem with seagulls in Telford? If so, you might need seagull control from bird control specialists – Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions.

Seagulls are one of the most aggressive types of birds in the UK.

We’re all seen photos of seagulls stealing ice creams, or nabbing people’s chips. While it might look funny at first, these birds can be extraordinarily aggressive. They’re also one of the noisiest of birds and have been responsible for attacks on pets and humans.

While the sound of seagulls is pleasant when carried on a sea breeze, the constant hawking can become a problem if near your home. Seagulls don’t always stay near the coasts and in modern times often use the inner cities rooftops for nesting, which can lead to damage to the building in the long term.

They can also spread disease, excretion, and be a real health & safety hazard. Gulls are often attracted to places where there is rubbish, such as refuse bins around town centres etc where food scraps are readily available in thin waste bags disposed of in the streets prior to pick up and disposal in the local waste transfer station.

How do we deliver seagull proofing in Telford?

Several control options are available to us for control of gulls such as the use of birds of prey, along with several other specialist methods.

Our seagull proofing includes netting works, bird spiking, wire systems, optical gels and low electric pulse deterrent systems to prevent ongoing activities in high-risk places, like food production sites.

Discover more about our seagull control in Telford.

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