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What pests do you control?
We cover all pests from Wildlife Management pest such as Moles, Foxes, Rabbits, Mink, Geese to Pigeons, Gulls (seagulls), Crows, Starlings, Rats, Mice, Wasps, Bees, Black Garden Ants, Tropical Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Mites, Stored Product Insects, Moths. We have completed lots of feral cat trapping programmes over the years. Where we trap the cats, have them neutured and at the request of the client brought back and re-introduced to the site but can no long breed and increase the feral colony.

Do we complete specialist antibacterial cleaning?
Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions completes anti-biocidal cleaning usually where pigeons have been nesting/roosting in old open buildings or on the building fronts to remove the bird fouling known as guano as it contains lots of different bacteria with salmonella and listeria the main known ones.

What areas do we cover?

The areas we cover are: Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, The West Midlands, The Wirral, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, North and Mid-Wales.
However on occasions we are requested to work nationally completing job work whether that be in an auditing capacity or using our specialist bird work skills, flying one of our birds of prey, installing bird netting, spiking, wire systems or gels.

Do we treat homes or businesses?
We complete both home and commercial pest control. Whether it be a simple one off wasp nest to a domestic property or business or a regular service contract for commercial businesses. Khitan is the one stop shop for all your pest control requirements.

Do we offer free advice?

Yes, staff at Khitan are well known for giving free advice.

Are we Accredited?
Yes, all staff at Khitan are professionally trained pest controllers. BPCA diplomas part 1 and 2, RSPH L2 certificate, City and Guilds in Pest Control or as a Field Biologist. All Staff are regularly trained with ongoing training through the BPCA The UK’s premier pest control association to which Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are proud members.

Do we have sign written vehicles?

No- all our vehicles are unmarked.

How do I contact you for a quote?
There are several different ways to contact Khitan. Either by the head office numbers of 01939 291995 or 07787 422022. Via our website , through one of our facebook or twitter pages.
Don’t delay contact Khitan today we really would like to hear from you.

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