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Falconry Response  


Khitan offer our unique in house bird control     


my beautiful jackie

Falconry Response

Using one of our Birds of Prey for control of Birds such as Gulls, Pigeons, Crows, Starlings. 

We also complete bird control by traditional control methods.

This is a specialist pest control service, completed by trained Falconers

within the pest control industry for many years. Not all Pest Control Companies are the same. This is one option that makes Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions Unique within the Pest Control Industry

Jackie – Peregrine x Saker Falcon ( pictured)

Diamond- Red Nape-Shaheen x Saker

Sophie – Harris Hawk

Tony – Harris Hawk

Rodent Control                                                                                                                 

Rodent Control

Rodent Control


Emergency and Contract Work.

Whether a home owner requiring a one off emergency rodent control treatment or a Food Production,          

Warehouse or other type of business requiring all year round pest control

services to Marks and Spencer Specification, BRC, Tesco or Soil Association.

Khitan has the right service standard to complete and comply with all up to

date legislation.

clothes moth

Insect Control

Insect Control    


Wasp, Bees, Ants, Beetles, Flies, Moths


Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions  complete Insect treatments

and offer advice when dealing with Wasps, Bees,  Black Garden Ants, 

Tropical Ants,  Spiders,  SPI – Stored Product Insects,  Textile Pests, Bluebottles,

House Flies, Midges,  Mosquitos,  Mites and Woodworm.

Field Biologist Inspections 



Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions offer Independent Field Biologist Inspections whether you are a small business or simply require an independent audit. Khitan complete this work using our qualified Field Biologist Staff, complete with full typed report.


Bird Proofing      



Pigeon Netting to School Fire Escape

Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are Specialist Bird Work Professionals.

We complete bird Installations that can be individual methods or a combination of proofing control methods using, Netting Works, Bird Spiking, Wire Systems, Optical Gels and Low Electric Pulse Deterrent Systems to prevent ongoing bird activity often found in sensitive areas, such as food production site.

Bird fouling is very slippy and offers a significant and serious Health  & Saftey Risk.

Nests and Fouling contain high levels of Bacteria such as Salmonella etc

Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards and also contain Parasitic Mites, Lice & Insects.


Bird Fouling, Bird Cleaning, Sanitisation, Anti Bacterial Treatments                        

Pigeon Nests & Fouling in a Kitchen

Pigeon Nests & Fouling in a Kitchen


Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions complete bird fouling (guano) cleaning

and safe disposal of waste material.

Once cleaned Khitan complete an anti-Biocide Treatment to ensure the environment you then enter will be as Safe and Bacteria free as possible before handing back to you.




Wildlife Management                                                                                       badgers


Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions complete wildlife management control

solutions for animals such as Canada Geese, Grey Squirrels, Mink,

Rabbits, Fox, Moles, Newts & Badgers.



Solar Panel Maintenance, Cleaning and Proofing 


Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions complete bird deterrent work using

our Birds of Prey to control birds accessing roofs and fouling on

installed Solar Panels which affect the electrical output of the panel

We also complete Solar Panel Cleaning so the electrical output remains at its most efficient and Solar Panel Bird Proofing to Prevent birds nesting between the underneath of the panels and the roof tiles.



Gull Egg and Nest Removal work under Defra Licence

Gulls Nesting In Guttering

Gulls Nesting In Guttering


Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions complete seasonal seagull egg and nest removal work.

This work stops the gulls swooping and being aggressive, food robbing, fouling on passers by and reduces the gull calling noise associated with nesting gulls




Grounds Maintenance  


Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions Complete Mowing, Strimming,

Weed Spraying (PA 1  and PA6 qualified), Hedge Cutting, 

Tree Removal, Cutting and Surgery. Treatment of Japanese Knotweed,

Ragwort Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam


Fox pest control shropshire
House pest control shropshire
Pigeon pest control shropshire
Pigeon pest control shropshire