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    Future Gull Control – Wales

    The Law and Process for gull Control re-seasonal egg and nest removal has changed. The Individual householder now has to apply for a licence direct to Natural Resources Wales, for the gulls licence look for fish eating birds to be able to remove the eggs and nests and then contact a professional to remove like Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions under the authorised company/person….ONLY once the licence has been approved…. A word of advice moving forward will be to now be as proactive as possible in the future. Rather than wait and apply for a licence to legally be able to remove an active nest, please, if you suffer this each year and the noise, fouling, aggression that goes with it.. Please, proof the affected area where you know the gulls nest before they return in 2022… Once again, Khitan can help, advise and complete this work during the non-breeding seasons. 07787 422 022...

    Seagull Removal Rhyl

    Yes, its that time of year again when the seaside holiday towns become overwhelmed by the sound of screaming gulls nesting anywhere they can find to rear this seasons young from mass nesting on flat roofs on the high street roofs and around chimney stacks on your homes. Seagull Removal in Rhyl – Prestatyn, Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno. Conwy, Bangor, Anglesey, Flint, Abergele etc. This brings on a set of issues for residents and businesses alike, such as choked guttering from nesting materials, producing water leaks from chimney stacks or water ingress down internal walls, bad, foul smells from dead birds, constant fouling and rotting food waste brought up onto the roof. Other issues are an increase in flies and their larvae, issues with numerous bacteria such as salmonella, food robbing (childrens ice creams, chips and pies), physical attacks that can and often do lead to visits to A & E with cuts and abrasions to the head, permanent noise from gull screams and cries that start as soon as it becomes light in the early hours of a summers day morning only ending late at night around 10pm when darkness falls. Only to re-start around 3am when the dawn starts to break again. Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are industry professional pest controllers that also specialise in bird control, such as gull egg and nest removal on the grounds of public health and saftey. Netting off large roof top areas to prevent future on going breeding/nesting activity, Gull spiking using marine grade gull spikes, ecopic bird gels. If you have issues with gulls and require up to...

    Seagull Nest Removal from Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions

    Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions- The Bird Control Experts Do you suffer with seagull nesting problems during the summer months in north Wales? Seagulls seasonally nesting on the roof of your home or business is an annual event that heralds the arrival of summer and with it for those affected becomes a dreaded time of noise, bad smells,fouling on buildings and which cause acidic staining to vehicles, damaged roofing materials and blocked guttering are some of the affects these aggressive birds, not only to yourselves but pets and passers by often holding complete households captive & afraid to go out or enter their own homes or place of work for fear of a bloodied attack Seagulls live for approximately 34 years and mature after 4 years, returning to their place of birth to begin their breeding cycle along with other family members. If left uncontrolled the pressure for breeding space will simply increase year on year. During the breeding season gulls are very active flying back and forth to feed their young very often fouling down the front of buildings such as homes and businesses and on cars and pedestrian walkways below. Gull fouling is alive with bacteria which include Salmonella, Listeria, as you would expect from a bird that is as much at home feeding from landfill waste as it is feeding on scrap from the towns waste bins and fish guts discarded by sea anglers on their way back into port following a successful day at sea fishing. There are two species which are the most active when it comes to controlling gulls. These are the black backed...