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    Efficient Pest Removal Services In Telford

    If you’re worried about pests taking over your business in Telford, Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions can come to the rescue this winter. We have a highly qualified team always ready to tackle any pests that plague your home or business. Although summer is arguably the worst time for pests, when it’s wet, cold and damp you unfortunately get all sorts of pests taking refuge in a building. The most common winter pests in the UK in winter are mice and rats with grey squirrels also a common problem- not to mention bedraggled birds building nests in the eaves of buildings. Whether gulls are causing havoc outside your building, or rodents are taking shelter in your home, Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions can deliver all sorts of pest control services in Telford. We help both commercial and domestic clients to control or remove pests, including mice and rats; birds like pigeons and gulls; and wildlife such as grey squirrels, rabbits, foxes, moles and badgers. Our staff are fully trained R.S.P.H Level 2 standard to BPCA Field Biologist and Degree level and always undergo further development to improve their existing skills. Our clients include technical sites like large food producers, retailers and distribution centres that need regular pest control services. To contact our pest control team in Telford, simply call 01939 291995 or (24-hour line) 07787...