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Need A Pest Control Service In Telford?

Is your company in Telford being bothered by mice? Or has your home become overrun by rats?

During these wet, gloomy days, one silver lining is there’s less creepy crawlies about. Wasps, flies and spiders tend to vanish like magic in winter. This is because many insects escape the cold by heading south, or by going into hibernation, entering into a semi-frozen state before crawling out of the woodwork in spring.

However, winter is often when the rodents often come out to play. When you work in food production and mice or rats get out of control, it can be extremely frustrating. The wet weather is also rarely a deterrent for wildlife, like foxes or badgers coming onto your commercial premises.

Established in 2009, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are here to fight back against pests in your home and business.

If you looking for pest control services in Telford, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions offer a huge range of effective solutions, for many different pests, including rodents, insects, wildlife, birds and more.

We help both domestic homeowners and companies wave goodbye to pests.

Find out more about our services in Telford.

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