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Looking for a Pest Control Service in Shropshire?

It’s cold and wet outside, and you constantly hear a scuttling in your attic; then you start to find chewed up cereal boxes in your kitchen cupboard, and droppings on the floor.

While summer might be swarming with flies and spiders and all sorts of nasty creepy crawlies, winter is when the rodents really come out of the woodwork. Mice and rats unfortunately dislike the cold and wet just as much as we do. Attracted by the food and warmth you offer, they can become a huge problem at this time of year.

Are rodents threatening to take over your home or business in Shropshire?

If you’re looking for pest control services, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are keen to rid your space of any unwanted guests.

Since mice can fit into some surprisingly small spaces, it’s not difficult for them to gain access to your premises, and if not dealt with straight away, they can quickly proliferate and become unmanageable.

Mice are not only unpleasant to have around, they can cause structural damage to your building and the spread of disease- something no business in Shropshire needs!

Established in 2009, Khitan Bird and Pest Solution offer exceptional pest control services in Shropshire.

We have over 20 years of experience in the control and prevention of rats and mice, insects, wildlife, birds and more from your home or business.

Discover more about our pest control services in Shropshire.

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