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Experienced Pest Control Services In Shrewsbury

Do you know around 120 million rats invade British homes in the winter time? Just like us, they don’t like the freezing cold and are attracted by the combination of food and warmth. This is particularly true during harsh winters, like the one we’re set to have (this November has been the coldest in 100 years, and it’s only due to get colder).

While it might not be the worst time for insects, it’s when the mice and rats come out of the woodwork- sometimes literally. You’ll find that mice can squeeze through the tiniest holes, including those in your skirting boards.

Are you looking for pest control services in Shrewsbury?

Whether you have a problem with insects, from cockroaches to flies, or are in a flap over troublesome birds, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions offer a comprehensive range of pest control and wildlife management services. We deal with everything from Canada geese to mink, rats, mice, wasps, bees, and badgers. Our work includes deterrent services to make sure birds don’t take up residence on your property.

From homeowners seeking a one-off service, to commercial business owners who need all-year-round pest control, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are the ones to call in Shrewsbury. We meet all auditing criteria from Marks & Spencer, Tesco, BRC and the Soil Association. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and all our staff are fully trained from  R.S.P.H Level 2 standard to BPCA Field Biologist and Degree level.

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