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    Require Expert Bird Proofing In Shrewsbury?

    Suffering from an over-population of pigeons in Shrewsbury? Or harangued by gulls which are threatening to destroy your business?

    Our feathered friends might be small, but they can cause big damage to our buildings.

    Bird proof your building in Shrewsbury.

    Do you need exceptional bird proofing against pigeons in Shrewsbury?

    Pigeons are one of the most common birds in the UK, and one of the biggest causes of building damage. So much so, that many businesses install spikes and netting on their ledges.

    Although they appear dim-witted, pigeons are actually highly intelligent: they are one of the small number of animals that have passed ‘the mirror test’ (a test of self-recognition). They also have outstanding navigational skills which still baffle experts today. However, neither of these facts is much consolation when your building is being eroded by their droppings.

    Nesting and roosting birds can cause massive problems, but at the same time, you want a humane solution to this issue. Killing birds will only lead to new ones coming to your property anyway.

    Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions can help banish birds from your property, with specialist bird proofing which includes trained Falconers. We use both innovative and traditional methods to bird-proof your building.

    Discover more about our bird proofing in Shrewsbury.

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