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    Future Gull Control – Wales

    The Law and Process for gull Control re-seasonal egg and nest removal has changed.

    The Individual householder now has to apply for a licence direct to Natural Resources Wales, for the gulls licence look for fish eating birds to be able to remove the eggs and nests and then contact a professional to remove like Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions under the authorised company/person….ONLY once the licence has been approved….

    A word of advice moving forward will be to now be as proactive as possible in the future. Rather than wait and apply for a licence to legally be able to remove an active nest, please, if you suffer this each year and the noise, fouling, aggression that goes with it.. Please, proof the affected area where you know the gulls nest before they return in 2022… Once again, Khitan can help, advise and complete this work during the non-breeding seasons. 07787 422 022

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