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    Bird Work UK

    Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions are a specialist UK Bird Work, Bird Proofing, Bird Cleaning Company…

    Whether you are currently experiencing a problem with Pigeons, Gulls, Crows, House Martins, Ground Nesting Birds etc Khitan has the Bird Works UK solution for you..

    Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions control birds using methods such as flying our birds of prey for dispersal and deterrent purposes, proofing via Netting, Optical Gels, Spiking and several other options.

    Khitan can be found on the British Pest Control Associations recommended list of UK suppliers for pest control services, Members of CheckaTrade and found on the professional register for UK pest control – Basis Prompt.

    Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions offer a one stop shop for all your pest control requirements, so enquire with confidence and put yourself in the safe hands of the Professionals – Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions, the professional choice for Bird Work UK, Bird Netting, Bird Proofing, Bird Cleaning Services, Pest control.


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