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    Honey Bee Swarms

    A weekend of collecting honey bee swarms……..

    We have been busy this weekend and boy was it hot, being called out to numerous swarms of honey bees…..

    Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions wherever possible will always look to capture and release any potential pests or wildlife as the first option. This is just one of the things that set us aside from the normal pest controller.

    Khitan Staff are also trained bee keepers and are always on hand to help any struggling individual or business whenever called upon to do so.

    This lovely summer weather we are all currently basking in and by the way, if you haven’t heard yet ‘Its Coming Home’…… has brought out not only the English in droves to support our National Team in this years world cup with Croatia up next in the semi-final – dare we dream? It has also been a bumper spring and summer off the back of a proper winter that had been lacking for several years which has brought a better more normal balance to our English Wildlife, with Insects clearly flourishing this year….. Most councils are cutting back their spend so grass verges, grass lands etc are not being cut back, allowing for large swathes of wildflowers and safe havens for insects and mammals alike to enjoy and grow in numbers, something we really need for our ever increasing fragile environment..

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