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Wasp Nest Removal Services In Shrewsbury

Being pestered by wasps in Shrewsbury this summer?

Virulent, angry and persistent, wasps don’t exactly have the best image. Associated with ruining many a picnic, they’re one of the last insects you want in your home.

Many people are terrified of wasps thanks to their fear of being stung and go into a frenzy when they’re around. However, in many ways, wasps are useful to human beings as they prey upon other pest insects. Nonetheless you don’t want them in your house or business.

Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly and although the pain wears off within 24-hours, some people have an allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock to their stings, which can lead to asphyxiation.

Do you need a wasp nest removal service in Shrewsbury?

Wasps build their nests from chewed up paper and wood, and frequently do so in attics and inside people’s homes. However, it’s rare to find one in a part of the house used regularly.

Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions can quickly and safely remove or treat a wasp nest at your home or business.

If you need insect removal services in Shrewsbury, simply call 07787 422022 – 01939 291995.

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