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Urgently Need Pest Removal Services in Telford?

Spring- isn’t it a wonderful time of year? The only downside to the weather getting warmer is the number of pests that make a re-appearance.

The wetter the winter, the more pests tend to appear in April. Spring cleaning at this time of year can also lead to moths emerging from the woodwork (or rather, the wool in your closet!).

The most common pests in the UK households are mice and rats, wasps, ants, moths, cockroaches, mosquitos, spiders, flies and fleas, many of which get worse when the weather becomes warmer. A high proportion of these pests go into hibernation during the winter, but return with a vengeance in summer.

Whether it’s a small or larger pest infestation, Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions can deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

We help both companies and individuals in Telford and the surrounding locations to remove pests for good.

We’ve helped many well-known companies with pest removal in Shropshire and the Midlands, including Aldi, New Look, Bangor University, Leaton Estate, Alternative Meats, Wilmott Dixon and many more, which are listed on our website.

Our pest removal team has over 20 years of experience in this industry and hold all the requisite qualifications.

If you’re in Telford, simply get in touch on 07787 422022- 01939 291995.

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