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Pest Control Tips

Pest such as wasps, rats and woodlice can be a problem in your home or commercial premises any time throughout the year. No matter the type of pest they can cause a great deal of damage to your home or commercial premises, peace of mind and create major health problems. Pest infestations are not necessary caused by the cleanliness of the area. Sometimes they can just arise. We have listed our top tips to minimise the risk of any pest problems happening.

1, Keep areas tidy

Pests such as cockroaches and mice thrive in areas of untidiness, therefore it is important to keep your home or commercial property clean. Regular vacuuming, mopping and dusting is crucial, this will help minimise the risk of a dust mite infestation in your carpets and any soft furnishings.  If you or anyone suffers from asthma or eczema in the property this action could ease your suffering, as dust mites are known to irritate asthma and eczema sufferers.

2, Secure rubbish

Foxes, rats, insects and other pests are known scavengers and will find ways to rummage around your rubbish. It is important to keep all of your waste secure and to keep lids closed. We recommend that you keep your wheelie bins and dumpsters clean. This is because dirty bins are an excellent breeding ground for flies.

3, Block up gaps and holes

Make sure your property is well maintained. This includes filling in any holes or gaps around pipes and walls. If there are vents on the walls these can be covered using wire mesh.

4, Clear food away

This is quite a simple task. Try not to leave food out whether you are eating inside or out, pests thrive on left over food. It is good practise to use food containers for left over food. Pests are very talented at scavenging and will find any food you have left out unattended.

5, Ventilation

A well ventilated property will keep damp away and help to prevent fleas and mites multiplying. A property can be ventilated by opening windows regularly and making sure vents are clean and not blocked.

6, Keep branches and trees trimmed

A overhanging tree or branch can act as a pathway for insects and animals to your property. It is best practise to keep trees and bushes trimmed to help prevent entry.

7, Keep compost covered

Rats and cockroaches find compost a great place to breed. Ensure your compost is covered securely by fitting a lid.

8, Roof maintenance

It is important to maintain the roof of your property. Any rotten or missing roof tyles should be repaired or replaced as soon as problems present themselves.

9, Fix plumbing problems

Damp can be a major problem, it can encourage pests such as silverfish. These pests can be found in damp bathrooms, toilets, cellars and kitchens. Any leaks or damp walls should be repaired as soon as possible.


The tips and advice above are purely to assist you in the prevention of a pest infestation. If you are suffering from a pest infestation it is best to deal with the problem as soon as it arises.

Khitan Bird And Pest Control Solutions offer a comprehensive on site pest survey. This will ascertain which pest is to be eliminated. We always start our inspections from the point of entry to eliminate the breach. Once the survey is completed we will discuss the best options available to you.


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