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Our Pest Control Services in Shrewsbury

Did you know, one major supermarket was recently fined £644,000 because of mouse droppings found at its in-store bakery? Dead mice and flies were also found at one of its home delivery depots, after an inspection, which incurred a further fine of £300,000.

This is one example of how detrimental pests can be to a business: it’s not only unhygienic but can be also be extremely costly.

The first signs of a mouse infestation in a warehouse, food retail outlet etc can include spilt foodstuffs, mouse droppings and holes in packaging. If you see any signs whatsoever, it’s best to act as quickly as possible.

Are you worried about pests at your business or home in Shrewsbury?

Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions have helped a huge range of businesses in Shrewsbury with their pest control, including The Real Pork Crackling Company, Alternative Meats, Shropshire Fire & Rescue, New Look, Salop Leisure, West Mercia Police and many more.

Our pest control services in Shrewsbury include: Rodent Control, Insect Control- Bugs and flies, Bird Control – Including predatory response using hawks and falcons, Field Biologist Inspections, Bird Proofing, Wildlife Management and more. We offer both emergency and contract work, depending on your unique needs.

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