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Need A Pest Control Team In Telford?

Have you spotted black droppings at your home in Telford? Or do you hear scratching noises at your commercial property in Shropshire?

You might not need to worry about flies, ants and wasps in January, but unfortunately there are plenty of other pests ready and waiting in the wings.

Rats and mice tend to be one of the biggest problems during the middle of winter.

Even if you’re extremely hygienic and have excellent proofing in place, these types of pests can still find a way inside. However, there’s no doubt that keeping food stored properly and disposing of rubbish regularly make a massive difference. Even a few crumbs can be a temptation for a mouse.

Both mice and rats capable of slipping through holes the width of a pencil, such as those near pipes.

In order to prevent rodents in your property in Telford, it’s important to cover any gaps near pipes. When planting bushes it also helps to have them a significant distance away from the house. You might also want to have mint planted in your garden, as rodents have been found to hate the smell.

Based in Shropshire, Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions cover a wide range of locations in North West England, including Telford. Our qualified team can deliver the best possible pest control services to a range of clients.

If you’re based in Telford, simply get in touch today on 01939 291995 or 07787 422022.

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