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Need a Pest Control Service in Telford?

Worried that mice are going to ruin your Christmas dinner? Are you based in Telford and need pest control services?

If you’ve been hearing scratching noises, or noticed unusual smells, the chances are that you have some unwanted visitors.

Since mice are nocturnal and can remain hidden, people often don’t notice them until it’s too late. Often, people who call pest control services are in the throes of a major mice infestation.

Aside from spotting mice moving at breakneck speed, you might also experience the following:

  • Droppings, which are often scattered randomly and found in cupboards.
  • Nests made of easy-to-shred materials.
  • What’s known as ‘urine pillars’ which are small mounds made of dirt and urine. Not pleasant…
  • A strong smell that is reminiscent of ammonia. The stronger the smell, the higher the likelihood is you’re near their ‘basecamp’.
  • Mice spotted during the daytime usually mean you have a serious infestation.

Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions can come to the rescue this Christmas.

If you’re looking for a pest control service in Telford, our team are keen to help.

Whether your problem is with rodents, insects or birds, our pest control services cover all kind of problems. We help both households and commercial companies to banish pests for good.

Find out more about our pest control services.

Or if you’re in Telford, give us a call on 01939 291995 or 07787 422022.

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