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Efficient Pest Control Services In Telford

Pests can not only be unpleasant to be around, they can destroy our food supply and spread deadly diseases.

Whether it crawls, squawks, flies or creeps, if it’s ruining your home life or business, Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions want to help you get rid of it. From ants in your kitchen to wasps in your bathroom, we’ll tackle those beasties that threaten to overrun your premises.

Since it’s summer, we understand that it’s the peak time for pests, especially insects and rodents which love the hot weather as much as we do. Luckily, our specialist pest control team are always ready to tackle even the worst infestation.

Our pest control services are available throughout Telford, with both emergency and contract work available to expunge pests from your premises.

From battling against wasps, ants, beetles, flies and moths, to deterring wildlife like foxes, badgers and Canadian geese, Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions use our wealth of experience to deliver the best pest removal services imaginable.

We offer a complete home and commercial pest control service, whether you need to remove a one-off wasp nest at your home or require regular rodent control.

Find out more about our pest control services today, or call today for free advice on your pest problem.

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