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Complete Pest Control In Shropshire

Are you having a problem with pests at your commercial premises in Shropshire? Khitan offer pest control services throughout Shropshire At Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions, we can deal with all sorts of pests, including birds like seagulls, crows and pigeons. Our feathered friends mostly live in harmony with human beings, but some birds, like pigeons or seagulls, can become a big problem. In particular, their droppings and nests can cause huge problems if left long enough. Firstly, birds can frequently foul entrances and pavements which can not only make them dangerously slippery but highly unattractive. Secondly, their presence can encourage insect infestations, such as bird mites or fleas, which are attracted to their roosting sites. Without bird control, they can also be a health hazard and spread diseases like Salmonella. Feral pigeons are often regarded as vermin thanks to the fact they can spread diseases. Quite rightly, it is illegal to kill or harm wild birds. But there are humane measures which can be taken to control them and deter them from your area. Pest Control provided by Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions is ideal for anybody who needs a bird control service in Shropshire, with our team using birds of prey to control birds that have become pests at your site. Why not find out more about our pest control in...

Professional Pest Control In Staffordshire

When you require professional pest control in Staffordshire, look at Khitan Bird & Pest Solutions with over 20 years experience in dealing with all manner of creepy crawlies, unwanted birds or wildlife, serving homes and businesses throughout Staffordshire, Shropshire, the Midlands, North West and Wales. It may be rodent control you require or the installation of netting on a roof to prevent birds and their associated fouling from choking the waste rain water system which can cause internal flooding & affect stored items. Whether you’re having a problem with rodents, Insects, spiders, birds or any other wildlife problem, Khitan have the answer to what is sure to be a very alarming and stressful situation for you. Are you a successful business & rodents are threatening to take over your warehouse or production floor. Do you require professional pest control? Rest assured that all staff at Khitan are all trained and registered professionals, found on the Basis Prompt Register, have all the skills and qualifications to get rid of any pest or pest related issue such as guano cleaning or proofing works as quickly as possible. Enjoy year-round pest control so you never have to worry about rodents, insects or wildlife having an impact on your business or private home again. We offer emergency 24/7 call out response, 365 days a year or all year round servicing contract work for businesses who must comply with all the legalities that being in business bring. Currently Khitan are servicing annual contracts that adhere to the BRC, Tesco, Soil Association and Marks and Spencer Specifications etc in the West Midlands, North West, Shropshire, Wales...