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Seagull Nest Removal from Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions

Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions- The Bird Control Experts Do you suffer with seagull nesting problems during the summer months in north Wales? Seagulls seasonally nesting on the roof of your home or business is an annual event that heralds the arrival of summer and with it for those affected becomes a dreaded time of noise, bad smells,fouling on buildings and which cause acidic staining to vehicles, damaged roofing materials and blocked guttering are some of the affects these aggressive birds, not only to yourselves but pets and passers by often holding complete households captive & afraid to go out or enter their own homes or place of work for fear of a bloodied attack Seagulls live for approximately 34 years and mature after 4 years, returning to their place of birth to begin their breeding cycle along with other family members. If left uncontrolled the pressure for breeding space will simply increase year on year. During the breeding season gulls are very active flying back and forth to feed their young very often fouling down the front of buildings such as homes and businesses and on cars and pedestrian walkways below. Gull fouling is alive with bacteria which include Salmonella, Listeria, as you would expect from a bird that is as much at home feeding from landfill waste as it is feeding on scrap from the towns waste bins and fish guts discarded by sea anglers on their way back into port following a successful day at sea fishing. There are two species which are the most active when it comes to controlling gulls. These are the black backed...