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Bird Control in Rhyl & Prestatyn

Are you looking for bird control and proofing services in Rhyl & Prestatyn? If so, why not see what Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions have to offer? Khitan Bird and Pest provide outstanding services to waste organisations, local businesses, schools, universities, homeowners and construction companies and can be counted on to deliver the exceptional service you require. You can contact them at any time whether it’s during the day or in an emergency after working hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Khitan Staff have many, many years of experience behind them and can give you advice when you need it on any bird or pest solution.

No Job Too Big- No job Too Small at Khitan

Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions staff always aim to get find a resolution to of your problem as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible to give you peace of mind during what is a stressful time.

It’s no surprise that increasingly well-known high street brands and organisations are choosing Khitan Bird and Pest Solutions as their preferred one stop shop for pest control services over the ususal suspects in the pest control industry. One specialist service Khitan offer is falconry response services for the control of pigeons, starlings, gulls and crows.

Additional Bird Control Services Khitan offer are proofing by way of netting, spiking, wire systems, avishock, optical gels and bird fouling known as guano cleaning using biocide solutions to remove all the bacteria associated with bird nesting and fouling activities.

Why not take a look at our the website or drop Khitan staff a line today to learn more about what they can do for you? For further information, just head to the home page today.

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